A flash, a memory ball pops up.


The sound of a sucking noise screams though my head as I scream "no, no, no! what have I done?!

I'll never be forgiven, never!"

The scene turns to a dark corridor, I am alone.


An endless dark tunnel, wind blowing through my hair, pushing me back as I fight the force that slows my progress.

I wake up, sweat dripping from my body.


A nightmare, a memory? Did that really happen?


I bury the thought , shake it off, and go on with my day-just some stupid dream or so I thought.

Inside out, my heart and head aren't right.


I scream at the top of my lungs as I fight back the tears.


A trigger from wearing my black leather jacket.


I despised it.


What it stood for, how it was given to me-the anger seethes through my entire being and explodes.

My breath is deep, steady. I feel my heartbeat.


An overgrown garden, growing ivy choking out all life.  An angry girl sitting on a bench, lost in the thickness of despair. She glares at me with disgust, fighting the hot tears rapidly escaping. I motion with permission to sit beside her. She reluctantly moves over. A whisper to assure, tears are cleansing, let them flow.


I wrap my arms around her, her shudders ease. Embrace your fear of shame and guilt. Welcome sadness and worry lest they blow their top  and scar those around you.


Inside out, you are beautiful, you are wonderfully made focus on the good, give thanks in all circumstances.


Embrace self-love, trust yourself again.

You are brave, smart, beautiful, strong. You are designed for such as time as this.


Step into true joy and freedom when you choose a new perspective with the power of therapeutic aroma-cognitive behavior!


This powerful technique unlocks the deepest part of your heart to align with your thoughts so you get to be your optimal self!

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Divine Heart Alignment Academy

Trust your intuition again using the power of therapeutic cognitive behavior!

💕Dive deep into the root cause of your why

💕Optimize your thoughts & choose a new perspective

💕Release external validation


Step into true joy and freedom

You get to choose! It's time to let what's inside of you out! Identify what you really want without external validation when you captivate your thoughts, identify the feeling it creates, & where in your body you feel it. 

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Dig deep into your inner-self

Step into who you are and how you show up! Who are you & what do you want? We will dig deep into your inner-self to heal the little girl inside and confidentially trust your intuition again.

Courageous & Committed 

When you do the work, you will:

  • Align your thoughts w/your heart to get the results you want

  • Confidently decide your best yes

  • Choose a new perspective

  • Celebrate true joy & freedom

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Crystal N, Professional Organizer

The shifts I had with Lisa's skill set in using the power of aroma-cognitive behavior was incredible. I removed blocks I didn't even know were bothering me. Lisa is patient and has a calm, soothing voice.


Joeann C, Life-Coach

The power of the process combined with Lisa's guidance was fantastic. I had shifts for days and realized things from when I was a teen that I didn't recognized as triggers until Lisa implemented this amazing healing tool. Highly recommend to anyone dealing with unhealthy relationships.


Diane D, Body-work Coach 

Lisa is one of the most patient coaches I know. She has worked with me in some high intense moments & using the power of Aroma-CBT she was able to help me center & focus on my why. I quickly identified triggers & released false beliefs. Lisa is your mindset strategist who gets to the heart of the matter!

Beta Program

March 1st to March 31st

  • Weekly Live Coaching

  • Daily Guided Action Steps

  • Weekly Mindset Tips

  • Private FB Community

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What's the ROI?

You get to choose!

When you join the beta program:

  • Choose your destiny without external validation! 

  • Make decisions based on your intuition

  • Optimize your results by taking radical action

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Radical Action Takers

Who is It For?

  • Courageous Women post-abortion ready to take radical action to trust their intuition again

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Whats the Cost?


  • A commitment to show up each day from March 1st to March 31st

  • Provide a written and/or video testimony

  • Share your results!

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