Tell Me What You Really Want

An online coach?

Cyberspace, FB clients…

Who knew there would be so many wonderful connections-the miracle of it all!

When I started this journey I was told (yes, I didn’t make my own decision, I was too scared) that I needed to be a health coach-I despised it.

Then a financial coach-imposter syndrome set in as I had $100K of debt on my back.

Then a client attraction coach that scaled to six figures-what?! I don’t have those results-again imposter syndrome.

No one ever asked me what I wanted.

I got the tools, the templates, referred to the modules, frustration kicked in.

Then I hired a great coach-learned all the marketing skills.

I moved on to a visionary coach-learned so much but still knew something wasn't quite right.

Since August 2020 I switched my niche three times, changed my help statement umpteen times and almost said forget about it.

I sat down with myself & asked the millionaire dollar question, “Lisa, what do you want?”

You my girl, have gifts & talents to be shared. If you could do anything, what is it?

Ironically, the very thing I ended up doing was what was suggested to me back in August of ‘20.

My younger self didn’t want to serve this niche, I was too scared. Fear controlled me yet I wrote my book, Forgiving The Girl Inside: finding balance, freedom, & fun in your life. I wanted it to be part of my program but no one could help me figure it out.

My higher self smiles & shakes her head, stubborn through and through. But I’m learning & growing.

Each day I get to know me better.

Me, myself, and I-we have an amazing vision.

Our future is epic!

As I ponder my past and look at the now, I wonder why I had to wait an entire year to connect with my unicorn coach.

Divine timing!I got to work writing, the answer was inside of me.

I didn't trust my intuition. I doubted everything!

Confused and so unsure of my own self, a dark cloud evaded my space.

It wasn’t until I started doing the work, taking the me-time, journaling, celebrating wins, that’s when shifts happened.

I was stuck for a long time. Over three decades!

Limited. Invisible walls kept me trapped.

Then I flipped it! A new perspective, the dark cloud faded to a bright shining well lit space-limitless became the new norm.

Joy-filled, peace beyond understanding, my heart soared! Finally, my thoughts & feelings were in alignment.

You my friend are limitless. The only blockers are the ones you put before you. You get to choose.

Accomplish whatever you set your mind to. If its a head to heart alignment, your thoughts are in agreement with your feelings, you get to do it!

Let your intuition tell you-the answer is inside of you. God designed you for such a time as this.

What are you called to do? Not doing it is a disservice to those you are called to help. The longer you wait, the longer they have to wait.

Step into you. Trust your intuition again.

When your thoughts align with your heart, shifts happen!

Want to accelerate the process?

Join me for the Embrace Joy Retreat!

In 3 magical days we will Reveal to Heal our true self & watch as your hearts become joy-filled!

Get your ticket to this 3 day Virtual Retreat today!

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