It's A Heart Matter

Each morning I rise, I thank God for the breath of life.

Really focusing on what that means.

Take a deep breath, breathe through your nose, out through your mouth (have YLEO-grab one) really feeling your lungs fill.

Your heartbeat, your breath. God has a purpose for you.

You are wonderfully made for such a time as this.

Breathe in all the good He has for you today.

Love, joy, peace…

You are free. Free to choose how to feel.

Embrace self-love, freedom.

Look for the good in all circumstances & be grateful.

Look in the mirror & say out loud “I am a child of God. I am unique. I am special. I am loved. I am precious. I am strong. I am chosen

The power of mirror talk...

Dear Younger Me,

You are worthless. A murder. No good. Stupid. Not good enough.

Keep trying. You think you are so great but you aren’t.

Anger seethed, hot-an explosive volcano, lava searing.

Each morning I looked in the mirror and sneered these thoughts.

Fast forward to 2021.

I stepped into my purpose with passion.

I realized I believed lies.

When I was 5 I trusted no one-not even GOD.


In 1985 I made some tough choices.

Young, vulnerable, confused, controlled.


Dear Younger Me,

I know now all you wanted was to feel loved.

To belong.

Being emotionally abandoned was a lot.

You sported a tough outer shell.

Somehow you let your guard down.

Totally get why.

Love is strong.

Love is security.

Remember how you loved to read the cartoon Love Is…

It took you awhile to trust someone to really love them-to give them your heart.

When you did, it was full of hurt, disappointments, & betrayal.

Choosing to abort Michael & Tamara was the most difficult & excruciating thing you have ever done.

You carried it for so long.

You buried it in hopes that no one would ever know but it ate away at your very soul.

You couldn’t look at yourself in the mirror, avoiding eye contact for fear of the tears you refused to let flow.

You pursued hope.

You held on.

Your inner strength, confidence, & courage got you through so many challenges.

You excelled at so many things.

I remember when you started your healing journey.

2013 #1000gifts who knew the ripple effect it would create within your very being.

At times you paid more attention to external validation.

People-pleasing & self-sabotage kept you numb.

You knew something was missing.

The power of mirror talk clouded your vision but you put on your happy face & did what needed to be done.

Now, you made a new choice.

Thank you for your perseverance, seeking truth, and never giving up hope that comes from knowing Jesus as your personal Savior.

Thank you for questioning & prodding-for sorting the truth from the lies.

You did good-look at how far we’ve come.

Here’s to being on trust trail & having a peak perspective

Keep captivating your thoughts…mindset is the crux of all we do-it’s a matter of the


Some of the things we work on in Divine Heart Alignment. Paper & pen are your best tools!

Are you in the beta? It begins Mar 1, 2022!

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