It's A Heart Matter

Captivating your thoughts matter.

What does it mean to captivate?

To capture.

When we think about what we are thinking we can change our perspective.

If thoughts were a person and came knocking on your door, would you let them in?

Probably not. So let's capture them and understand them. Ask the questions. Why does this comment make me feel mad, sad, glad, etc?

Think about what you are thinking.

Why do you accept things that you hear as the truth without even thinking about the source.

When you get to the matter of the heart, you can see the truth, and yes, it will set you free.

Why? Always know your why.

Our thoughts create our emotions. We get results based on what we think.

If we implement a well-thought out strategy, we enjoy great success.

When we connect our thoughts in our head with the emotions in our heart, we get the results with our hands.

It's a head-heart-hand connection.

Where do these thoughts come from?

Our memories! Inside Out is one of my favorite movies. Until it came out I identified with two feelings disgust & anger. I truly believed joy was not for me.

I was too angry to be fearful. Once I began identifying my feelings I was able to understand why I was so angry.

My anger stemmed from childhood.

In my signature program: Divine Hearth Alignment Academy we go deep to the core to get to the root cause of the why that keeps us from serving our purpose with passion.

You know the little voices inside your head that tell you "you're not good enough, you can't do that, look what you have done..."

It's time to take back your thoughts. Just like the memory balls in the movie, we hold onto all of our memories. They get triggered when something happens, someone says the word or touches us in a certain way, those triggers can set us off in a frenzy.

Some of the triggers we don't like to revisit. But when we do, we can change our perspective and change our path.

Imagine the legacy we leave when we work through the triggers of shame and guilt and transform it to peace and joy.

Imagine stepping fully into your purpose with such passion you move mountains.

Your heart soars. Your whole being feels it. It's so simple, it's super easy.

In just seven steps you get to soar. It's a unique strategy called the Seven Deep Flip. It incorporates aromatherapy with cognitive behavior therapy-it creates shifts!

I do free workshops and classes throughout the month.

Join me live via Zoom or watch the replays in my FB Group Soar Society.

Mindset is the crux of all we do-it's a matter of the heart.

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