Mindset is the crux of all we do-it's a matter of the heart 

Empowerment Mentor for

Courageous Women Post-Abortion miscarriage, & loss of a child to honor heart centered agreements with themselves without external validation using the power of therapeutic aroma-cognitive behavior.


Meet Lisa

Empowerment Mentor

Hi! When the movie Inside Out debuted in 2015 I finally understood what feelings were-prior to that all I knew was disgust and anger. I would like to say I was taught to stuff and explode but in reality, I come from a dysfunctional family of exploders. We would yell and scream at each other one minute and then act as if nothing happened the next. I thought this was completely normal. My temper tantrums affected relationships and I spent a lot of time self-sabotaging always looking for external validation in hopes that I could trust my decisions and embrace joy.  Now I know that what we reveal heals. Healing from the inside out is the only way you will find freedom to express yourself. We can't change circumstances but we get to choose our perspective. It only took me three plus decades to live and breathe this, now, I'm sharing it with you. Want to trust your intuition again without external validation? Welcome to Divine Heart Alignment Academy.


Divine Heart Alignment Academy


Just got off a bomb call with Lisa. Here's my biggest takeaway: If I can answer my client's questions, I am fulfilling God's purpose for me! Totally shifted my perspective and rekindled the fire to serve.

- Amanda Randall

Super and excited to receive this book today written by my good friend and coach Lisa Drennon. I can’t wait to read it and I’m so grateful for her and how she has been a God sent to me with all her wisdom, grace and love.

- Diane Mercina

Lisa, is so good with that!!! I am thankful for our strategy calls. They are so invaluable!

- Lynn Eads


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