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Meet Lisa

Mindset Business Strategist

I'm Lisa Drennon, Author of Forgiving the Girl Inside: finding balance, freedom & fun in your life and founder of Divine Timing Ministries, a safe place for women to heal from post-abortion. I am Mindset Business Strategist with certifications as an Oola Financial Coach, and Aromatherapy Practitioner. 

The inspiration for my business was divinely inspired and derived from an overwhelming calling to serve women like me. I realized that I could use my God given gifts of showing up authentic, taking bold action and telling it like it is to empower, inspire and transform the lives of faith led women.


My mission is to help ambitious Christian women entrepreneurs transform the vicious cycle of self-abuse into peace and joy by trusting God as their CEO and truly mastering self forgiveness. 


My Current Offerings


Just got off a bomb call with Lisa. Here's my biggest takeaway: If I can answer my client's questions, I am fulfilling God's purpose for me! Totally shifted my perspective and rekindled the fire to serve.

- Amanda Randall

Super and excited to receive this book today written by my good friend and coach Lisa Drennon. I can’t wait to read it and I’m so grateful for her and how she has been a God sent to me with all her wisdom, grace and love.

- Diane Mercina

Lisa, is so good with that!!! I am thankful for our strategy calls. They are so invaluable!

- Lynn Eads