I Date Money

Imagine dating money! Finding the perfect partnership, knowing it will always be there for you.

I help post abortion business coaches to own their financial genius without hiding from their past by choosing to date money.


You work hard for your cash, you're doing all the right things
& are ready to go to the next level.

Spending money is fun but you rarely do it because
there's so many other needs that need to be filled.

Indulge in your best asset & watch your income grow!


If money was a person, what type of relationship would you have?

Would you be:

  • Best friends

  • Partners

  • Acquaintances

  • Strangers

Dating money keeps us accountable & creates a different perspective on how we view our finances!

It doesn't matter how muchyou have it's what you do with it!

What you were taught about money growing up impacts whether you have an abundant or scarcity mindset.


When I was growing up my mom used to say "Money doesn't grow on trees." This led me to believe that there was never enough.

Working with clients for over 30 years from all income backgrounds made me realize so many have the same fear: "will there be enough". 

This fear keeps us stuck in doing more for our business. Making the money the focus, pouring it into our business doesn't allow the little girl inside of us to have fun.

Let's have play dough! Enjoying your money is one of the keys in creating limitless abundance.

Implementing the 10-10-10 plan truly creates money all around you but so many are scared to death to do this.

If saving, giving, and having fun with 10% of your income makes you shake in your shoes, try starting with the $20 challenge-it's helped so many change their perspective about play dough.

fanning money_edited.png

Money Moves Inside Out


When I stopped budgeting & created a money strategy plan that includes 10% for fun money,  I started enjoying my money without feeling guilty. 


So many business coaches are afraid to pay themselves first...worried that they should be reinvesting the money in their business or believing they don't deserve to treat themselves.


If this sounds like you, maybe the tools used in my program will help.


Let's hop on a Money Moves call to see if they might. In 20 minutes we will uncover one blocker (there are 7) that keeps you believing you shouldn't indulge your best asset.

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