High Achieving Female Coaches!

It's time to enjoy your empire!

You've worked hard for your money, set aside time to & money to enjoy it!!

If money was a person, what type of relationship would you have?

It's time to invest in your best asset-YOU! Ready to indulge and splurge on you? Let's get fun money built into your money management system so you can have fun while building a beautiful legacy!

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Some of your past choices may have you believing you don't deserve to enjoy me-time or indulge in beautiful things for yourself that you enjoy. Break through those emotional barriers when you implement transformational money mindset strategies so that you can splurge on you without feeling guilty.

When it comes to spending money, do you have fun doing it?

You work hard.

You work long hours.

You invest so much time into your business yet something is missing. You know it but you can't quite put your finger on it. Breakthrough the emotional barriers that keep you from enjoying your hard earned money!

When you allocate fun money into your budget & commit to splurging it creates huge shifts in your mindset.

So many of us are out of balance

Take the Heart Assessment to see where you're at & then schedule your call so we can create your treasure map to building fun money into your plan so that you can enjoy your hard earned money without feeling guilty.


Scenic Bike Ride

Connect the power of breath with scent to gain a new perspective so you can get the results you want

We are born with two fears: the fear of falling & the fear of loud noises.


All other fears are learned behaviors & can be unlearned using the therapeutic power of aroma-cognitive technique.

 Stop the cycle of fear that keeps you stuck in self-sabotage, people-pleasing or imposture syndrome when you S.T.I.R. (stop, think, identify, & recognize what you're thinking, the feeling it's creating, where in your body you feel it) your thoughts to create the results you want.


Schedule your Mountain Movin' Experience where in 20 minutes we will work through one blocker that keeps you stuck in fear so that you can accomplish the possible.